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A List Of Up-To-Date Law Dissertation Topics On Taxation

For commerce students, topics on taxation and tax law can be quite new in higher academics. But that is not the be all and end all of it. If you are thinking of making the cut smoothly right with your first dissertation on taxation, it would be wise to be spot-on with the selection of topics.

Updated topic you can consider on taxation

  • Review the year 2015 according to the partnerships developed in tax law

  • As a tax adviser, what should you advise to a business that has been caught in unintentional tax fraud?

  • Shed light on the binding regulations in international tax law

  • What should people know about the role of freelancers in tax law?

  • Self-employment and tax law: look at the relation between the two from a financial planning perspective

  • How are accounting and taxation laws related to one another: analyze, compare and contrast?

  • What should business owners be wary about the new set of laws and norms in taxation?

  • What are some of the most defining laws in elevation of corporate laws? Share your views on the changes you would like to see

  • The dawn of E-commerce: how has online business changed the dynamics of tax law from head to toe?

  • Income tax laws pertaining to international income: what should investors know?

  • Share your views on the role of soft taxation laws on start-up business development

  • Look at the taxation frauds committed by major international banks as a matter of international security

These were some topics that are related to taxation in the current market scenario. To know more about what can be done with the existing format, you should be able to invite criticism on the topic you have selected.

There is more research ahead

Looking at the dissertation plans ahead, you should keep yourself abreast of the many available research papers that have already been written on the subject. To know more about this, you should make sure there is something that you are reading all the time. And it is always good if you are regularly subscribing to some of the major magazines in taxation.

Going through recent magazines and papers will also help you know more about the topics that are in demand. Also, you should be making the right decisions when it comes to squeezing the most out of the available topics in taxation. And it is always a great idea to add a little bit of contemporary insight into the topic you choose.