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A List Of Interesting Thesis Topics On Graphic Design

As a Graphic Design student embarking on a thesis for the first time, you will obviously be beset by all types of concerns. Foremost amongst them would be what graphic design topic to choose for your all-important thesis or dissertation.

To assist you in this quest here is a list of thesis topics and ideas on graphic designing that you may find useful. They may seem a bit broad-based at first but if you look closely you will see that they raise a whole list of new questions and notions on the subject. Also if your choices are the dependent on certain criteria, you may tweak anyone topic to suit these standards. However, this list assists you it will definitely give you the edge on finding that vital dissertation idea.

Thesis Topics:

  1. The Genesis of Graphic Designing
    • There is a mass of research material and information out there that focus on the roots and heritage of graphic design.
    • How did it begin? Where was its source?
    • This will make for exciting research and an interesting and engrossing thesis
  2. Graphic Art versus Fine Art/ Classical Art
    • Two very different processes used in these two genres or art forms
    • Which one is better and more sought after?
    • Commercially one is mass marketed while the other is more exclusive so which one is of more value?
  3. Systems, Apps and Programmes that Advance Graphic Design
    • There is a whole list of electronic applications that enhance the quality of graphic design work
  4. Did the Electronic Age Give Rise to Graphic Design and Can Graphic Design Exist Without It?
    • These questions raise pertinent issues and also point to the future of graphic design
  5. Are Photoshop, Word Art and Paint Apps Making Graphic Designers Obsolete?
    • It seems anyone can do art or make an advert, flyer or leaflet with a mobile art app or computer. How does that affect jobs for Graphic Designers?
  6. Man Versus Machine
    • Can the art of graphic design exist without the aid of computers?
  7. Talent versus Tuition
    • As a Graphic Design student, it is obvious you have an artistic leaning. But not all who embark on graphic designing has a career have an affinity with all things arty. So how much of a role does draw aptitude play in Graphic Designing as opposed to learning aptitude?

I hope this list of topics where beneficial to you. This list may be used to find a topic or serve as a guideline to stimulate other related themes and ideas on the subject of graphic design.