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Possible Topic Solutions For Your Dissertation On Mental Health

You almost finished your education, but you have one more problem to solve: your dissertation. For many students, this proves to be the most difficult assignment they ever had to do. Indeed, it can take more than a few weeks to create a good piece, and it requires a lot of work. On top of everything, you have to make sure that the topic of your composition is not only interesting, but also informative for the readers. A subject like mental health can be a challenge, and it’s not easy to find a suitable topic. Luckily for you, we have some ideas that might help you:

  • Discrimination of patients. We all know that when someone admits publicly that he has a mental disorder, people will not look at him the same. A bigger problem is the way that this person is treated by the society; he is pushed away, judged and feared of. If you emphasize this problem in your text, you might help others to be less judgmental.
  • Asperger Syndome. For many people, patient who suffer of this disorder are not capable of even taking care of themselves. The truth is that Aperger patients are not very good with social interactions, but they are very often extremely intelligent. There is a large number of scientists, musicians or professors who live with this disorder.
  • Alzheimer’s disease. It is extremely common in our society, and many old patients suffer from it. It is considered one of the most popular and also one of the most destructive disorders present nowadays. The interesting thing is that this disorder can be triggered by our diet; for example, a high consumption of sugar and carbohydrates can trigger the disease at a young age.
  • Bipolar disorder. It’s not easy to understand people who suffer from this disorder. Their mood changed from minute to minute, and many people prefer to avoid them. However, with an adequate treatment they can live a normal like; they get married, go to work or have children.
  • Identity disorder. This is one of the most fascinating and mysterious disorders that you will encounter. There are only a few documented cases in the last century and doctors are still trying to find a way to diagnose it correctly. It is so rare that it is almost impossible to study the behavior of a person who suffers from it.