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A Complete Guide On How To Organize Dissertation Citations In The APA Style

Writing is not something you learn in a day or two and rest assured of tackling any academic paper that comes your way. Fundamentally, writers are supposed to first of all, understand the nature of the paper that they are required to write and then craft a moving masterpiece while taking into consideration the requirements in question. The roadmap to great writing starts with understanding what the topic requires of you, the formatting rules and how you are supposed to cite your referenced works. These and among other rules govern academic paper writing and it includes doing an award winning dissertation paper, an undergraduate research paper and a school essay. Well, the flow of any piece of writing can always be traced to organization itself. Here, the question of, how do you plan and organize your thoughts in a piece of writing should always take preeminence. In every way, writing without a clear plan will always be a recipe for poor results.

Well, organizing your dissertation paper is therefore something which you should never ignore and the very least, how it will always contribute to immense success at the end of the day. Great essayists understand too well the importance of citing works used to craft a piece of literature and so, when it comes to organizing the same cited works, a look at some rules and guidelines is important. In this post, we take a leap into a complete guide into how to organize your citations for an APA academic paper and in this case, a dissertation, so read on for more details.

Alphabetical enumeration of author’s list

Academic writing is governed by strict rules and this extends to writing a reference list or citing works you have used in your study. Well, in APA formatting, it always advised that the names of authors whose publications you have used to do your paper be arranged in an alphabetical order for ease of following and verification.

The law of recent

Well, a lot has been studied and even written about. However, you cannot always reference all of them and this is why it is important to use the most recent publications in your study. For edited books, use the latest editions.

Consistency with literature review

Do not make the mistake of having a reference list that has no bearing with the names of authors in your citations. This will count for plagiarism.