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How To Compose A Dissertation Outline In The APA Format

The APA format and writing an outline for a dissertation:

The APA format is trending quite fast in universities all around the world. It is used more than any other format for the obvious reasons that it gives a great deal of chance to the supervisors to evaluate the students. The format is demanding and you really need to put your head down and find the relevant information regarding the format. If you miss out on any crucial or minor aspect of the paper, then you will get troubled and things will become out of control for you. The best thing is to grasp the concept of the format right from day 1 and work hard on it. You can give the basic structure to your dissertation while referring the APA format and the fine tuning can be done at the later stage when you are about to start your proofreading and editing work. This isn’t easy if you are taking such tasks for the first time. Several difficulties and hardships will come your way as the majority of the things will go right over your head. The most difficult part is when the students are required to devise out a comprehensive outline and that too using the APA format. The outline is very critical as it gives the basic structure to your paper and all other things are based upon that. The students should take the advice and suggestions of their seniors and then act upon that to devise an outline.

Suggestions for writing a comprehensive outline for your dissertation using the APA format:

The following are some key suggestions which you can take for writing a comprehensive outline using the APA format:

  • The major heading should be in the Roman numerals such as I, II and III etc.
  • The subheadings in the outline will always start with a capital letter.
  • If there are more than one subheading, then just add it by adding in the next alphabet given in the capital letters right at the beginning of the next subheading.
  • If there are any further subheadings, then under your last subheading, you have to follow with the next subheading using the lower case letters.
  • Be sure to use parallelism in the outline as that will maintain consistency in your outline in the APA format.