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Dissertation Writing Basics Every Undergraduate Should Know

Trying to write a dissertation without getting to grips with the basics is a recipe for disaster. Are you faced with the task of writing a dissertation, but are not sure how to approach the task? Then take the time to learn the various basic tips put forward in this article. You’ll find that they are simple to follow, and without them you can struggle to get a good grade.

The Title Page

In the title page you will need to include the name of the supervisor, course title, title of the project and your name. Check with your supervisor to see if any other particulars must be included, because each department has different rules regarding this.


The abstract will have the overview and summary – in total it should be around 1.5 pages long. Try to keep this as concise as possible, the bulk of the work should be in the body of the project.

Table Of Contents

You’ll be expected to do a table of contents that will show the page number of each section. Using your word processing software you should be able to do this using some kind of automated function. Do no attempt to do this manually as there is no need for this complication when automated functions are available.


The introduction must contain the hypothesis and a reason for why you are doing the study. It should contain some basic information for what is to come in the main body. This should be short, in most cases a page will be enough.

Main Body

Here you will present the methodologies used for the data gathering and a discussion of the data will be required. Try to link the data to any theories and how it links to the hypothesis. The use of graphs and other visual aids is encouraged in order to show how the data was recorded. Grouping of data is important to present it in a neat fashion


The last part is the conclusion where you will discuss the success or failure of the study. Talk about what the data says about the study, and what can be done in the future to improve the quality of the study. Also repeat the most important facts that were gained from the study, and state an opinion on what it means.