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25 Good Dissertation Ideas That Can Make For A Solid Paper

We all know how important your dissertation is. It is the last paper that you have to complete during your education, and it needs to be absolutely perfect from every point of view. Most of the time you will need months to create something acceptable, and you have to be ready to put all your effort into this. The first step is choosing a good topic for your composition. You don’t have any good ideas? Then take a look at these ones:

  1. Should women cover their hair? As you know, in many cultures women cover their hair for cultural or religious reasons. Do you think that this is discrimination?

  2. International students. How can they get to know other cultures if they don’t speak the language.

  3. Exotic food. Try to present different interesting dishes from all over the world.

  4. Minimum wage. In theory, the minimum wage should be enough for a person to live a good life. Actually, it is not even enough for food.

  5. Smoking in public places. Bring solid arguments that will convince others that smoking should be banned in public places.

  6. Teenagers and technology. Can this make them more mature?

  7. Using laptops during class. This means that the student will not write by hand, so with time they will damage their writing.

  8. Doctors and confidentiality. Why are they not allowed to reveal any information?

  9. Hunting. Should this be legal in all countries? Are we superior to animals?

  10. Arab Spring.

  11. The communist ideology. Explain the most important ideas of it.

  12. Moving to another country. How can you adapt to a completely different society.

  13. Vegan children. Do parents have the right to stop their child from eating meat?

  14. Autism.

  15. Tattoos are a form of art?

  16. Violence in schools. How can it be prevented?

  17. Are airplanes more dangerous than they used to be?

  18. Terrorist attacks.

  19. Vandalism.

  20. Clones. Do you think that scientists can create a human clone? Is it moral?

  21. Vaccination. Why is vaccination necessary? How can it help children?

  22. Public transportation and private cars. Which one is more comfortable and cheap?

  23. Is homework necessary? Bring valid arguments and references.

  24. Legal age for alcohol. In some countries, young people can join the army but they can not drink alcohol.

  25. European Union.