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Finding A Proper APA Format Dissertation Template On The Web

The APA style (also known as the American Psychological Association) is often used to cite sources within the social sciences. If you're searching on the web for the correct way to cite your sources in this particular style, look no further. I've done the work for you. In some instances, APA style appears more complicated than the MLA style. There are several different ways to format your citation with APA style, but we're just going to focus on the most important one; how you should format your citation when you're writing a dissertation.

Depending on your dissertation, you may need to research and find several different kinds of sources. I assume that if you're looking for a dissertation template that you're writing a dissertation of your own and need some examples to look at. That is completely normal; everyone likes to look at examples and samples to make sure that they're on the right track.

The simplest way to cite something in APA format looks like this:

  • The Author, Date, Title, Source.
  • That looks quite easy, doesn't it? The more complex your source, the more complicated the citation will become. But once you have examples to look at, it won't seem so difficult.

    To cite a book, the format should be as follows:

  • Last name of the Author, First Letter of the Author's First Name, Year of Publication. Title of the Book, Location, Publisher.

It's still simple, right? Sometimes when you're inserting the year, you should use parenthesis and use the year followed by the day of the month it was published. Like I said, there are several different ways to enter text in APA format. Your teacher may have a preference as to which particular formatting to use, but as long as it's still APA style, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Different websites provide a different way of citing this format. It just depends on where you look.

Using the internet to find examples shouldn't be difficult at all. There are plenty of search engines and websites that can help you. You can find ways to cite movies, blogs, dissertations or unpublished works. I've seen ways to cite journals, videos and encyclopedias as well. It all depends on what you're looking for, but rest assured that you will find it.

I hope I've given you a good start. You need to understand what APA format is before you can begin to look for the right examples and proper templates to use.