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Creating A Dissertation Title Page: 10 Things To Know

An important step in writing a dissertation is creating its title page. If your paper has a poorly written name, it’s likely that you’ll get a lower score for your entire project. Knowing this, the process of creating a name for your paper becomes more difficult that you could’ve thought in the beginning. However, if you follow the tips that are given in this article, you’ll have much fewer problems with this task.

  • Know what the title is.
  • It should be not just a catchy name. It should serve as the first summary of your work that your readers will see. Looking at it, your readers should understand what to expect from your project.

  • Use good language.
  • The name of your dissertation should grab the attention of your readers. Sometimes, it might sound even a little provocative. It’s advisable to use writing techniques that strike the eye at once. If you don’t have such talents, you may consult some English expert.

  • Make it clear.
  • The title of your paper should clearly tell the readers what your work is about. Make sure that the name doesn’t sound ambiguous. Make it simple and descriptive.

  • Show the type f your work.
  • There are different categories of dissertations that strive for different goals. The type of a paper can be defined by its name, so look at some guidelines to know the rules of creating a name for your particular type of research.

  • Know about conventions.
  • Plenty of academic disciplines have well-designed conventional formulae that help organize article and research paper titles. Look at some published materials to know a structure model that you need.

  • Make it focused.
  • The name of your paper should be focused on the aims of your investigation. However, there is no need to add many details that will be explained in the actual text anyway.

  • Show the scope of your work.
  • Of course, your introductory section will give more than enough information on this, but it’s advisable to let your readers feel the scope of your research just by looking at its name.

  • Make it distinctive.
  • The name of your paper should sound unique so that it’s easy for others to find it in the future.

  • Format it properly.
  • A title page of your dissertation should be formatted to meet the requirements of your university. Take proper examples from your instructor.

  • Add a little humor.
  • Some disciplines allow adding humor in the name of a paper. This approach might provide you with a good hook to attract the readers.