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How To Make And Effectively Use Thesis Defense Powerpoint Slides

The thesis defense is a very important part of any students final paper, however, its not always practiced and many times, students never have to face a single defense during their career. In the event you are required to attend a defense, it is best you be well prepared, as every researcher ought to be. While conducting your research and compiling your final paper, always take measures to question your actions and results critically, as if you were responding to a defense.

When attending a defense, your best bet is to go in with a strategy and treat the event as if it were a paper being composed. Examiners want to see thoroughness and accountability, provide these two things and you will have a sound defense. The following points will outline a simple but effective strategy for making use of power point slides in a thesis defense:

  1. Don’t write more than you have to
  2. The purpose of using this form of media to communicate with your audience is to provide them with visual data. This aspect of power point must be utilized to the fullest so make use of charts, graphs and picture depictions more than text.

  3. Use a plain font
  4. If you do use text, and you will, make sure you utilize a font that is clear and easy to read from a distance. It can ruin the experience if viewers can only see half of what you display, wasting both your times.

  5. Use appropriate images
  6. When selecting items to display, put careful thought into the images you select, you want to ensure that you convey the right ideas as you address the crowd. Misleading images can make the wrong impact and ruin the effect of your presentation.

  7. Proceed in a logical order
  8. Nothing is harder to understand than a jumble of images and words, without any clear line of progression. Carefully plan out the order of the slides you present to ensure you communicate your ideas as clearly as possible. This way you are more likely to be received well and have your work approved by the prosecutors.

  9. Test the equipment before you begin
  10. Most importantly, test the equipment you will be working with, ensure you understand how to operate every device that will be used. Make certain that there are no technical errors before you are scheduled to begin your presentation.