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4 Unexpected Places To Get Free Examples Of Doctoral Dissertations

Quite some time ago, a movie was produced that focused on how we should never judge a person by their outward appearances. A destitute person lived on a college campus and because of the lifestyle he had chosen to live the students on the campus treated him poorly and with disrespect. But, when one student happened to engage him in conversation he realized that he was eloquent, well-educated and a valuable resource that could be leveraged for information. So, when you are looking for free examples of doctoral dissertations remember this lesson and consider these four unexpected places to look.

Custodian services

Every university and school has some type custodian that keeps the buildings clean. They maintain the restrooms, clean the windows and even empty the trash barrels and recycling. When a doctoral student has printed out a doctoral dissertation for review and after using the printed material thrown it in the recycling bin, this valuable document is there for the taking and custodian services just might have the document available if you ask them.

Local mechanic

Have you ever wondered what happened to your vehicle when you left it with a mechanic? Did they take it for a joy ride, search through the glove compartment, or even pick up a copy of your doctoral thesis? While most mechanics can be trusted to protect the contents of our vehicles there just might be one that was tempted to pick up that copy on the seat. Your local mechanic may seem like an unexpected place for a doctoral dissertation but it might not hurt to ask.

Intern job

Throughout you studies at the university you may have taken the opportunity to work as an intern at a local company. These jobs provided valuable insight and experience within the industry but did you ever consider them as a possible resource for a doctoral dissertation? It never hurts to ask if they have examples from previous students that worked there.

Local police department

Finally, one unexpected place it never hurts to go check is your local police department. If you have ever seen the back room where they store evidence from an investigation you know that it is filled with a variety of different items. When the cases are closed this evidence is no longer needed and maybe there is a sample dissertation you can use.