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Getting A Sample Law Dissertation Proposal On The Web

It can often be frustrating starting a Law dissertation proposal, thinking about the sort of format you need to use, the tone and the content and that’s before you’ve even started writing! Sometimes the best way to get a sense of what is expected of you is to read other work of a similar ilk. The Web is one of the best places to find such a sample. 3 of the perfect places online to find a Law dissertation proposal are outlined below.

  • University homepages or department pages
  • Universities, including the one you belong to; often have samples of academic writing on their main pages in order to give their students an idea of the sort of thing that is expected of them. This is, therefore, the perfect place to start looking for proposals, too, which also often abound. It is also worth checking individual department pages - in this instance, the Law faculty - in order to find out whether they have any specific guidelines or specifications that you are expected to follow. For any piece of academic writing, this is the first place to go!

  • Other students online
  • If you feel you cannot ask your classmates to share their work, or if no one yet as a sample for you to compare to your own writing, the best way to get examples of work from other students is to go online. There are, for instance, plenty of forums where students of all levels gather to share ideas and even offer help. If you can access one of these forums on the Web and find someone who is willing to share their own dissertation proposal with you, then you’re in luck! This is an especially great place to look like the sample will be completely free, and you’ll be able to ask questions about the piece.

  • Google Scholar
  • If all else fails, there’s always Google! More specifically, Google Scholar has your back. This part of Google is geared towards helping students find academic texts and be able to access them, mostly for free. It can be a bit more difficult to wade through the many results you are bound to get via a Google Scholar search - many more results than you’ll find on your university homepage or on Law forums, for example - but if you want plenty of choices, this is the place to be!