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8 Tips On How To Find A Proofread Dissertation Proposal Example

Writing a dissertation proposal may be quite a challenging task because, as a rule, you have no experience in this field. There are specific requirements to formatting, structure, and content that you should be aware of. Of course, you may keep to theoretical guidelines and try to compose something on the basis of these explanations. However, it is always better to refer to well-written, and, desirably, proofread samples. Make use of the following tips, and you will manage to find several checked dissertation proposal examples to your benefit.

  1. Turn to your advisor.
  2. This is the first logical step that should be taken. Your advisor should definitely keep several proposal examples from previous years, and he or she will be eager to provide one of them for your reference. The sample you get not only will be proofread but it will correspond to your teacher’s specific demands.

  3. Browse the university website.
  4. Visit the section of your department on the university website. Specifications as to how your dissertation proposal should look like, as well as one or two examples demonstrating these requirements, will be available there.

  5. Visit your university library.
  6. Theses and doctoral papers by the university students are usually stored in libraries. Ask a reference librarian to help you find the samples in your subject area. Photocopy these examples and use them at home.

  7. Ask senior students for help.
  8. Turn to the doctoral candidates of your university that have already defended their proposals. It is no doubt that they will share their proofread copies with you.

  9. Make use of the students’ forums.
  10. Share your problem and ask for a proofread sample on several forums for students. Students are very cooperative. Some of the forum participants may share their checked copies with you.

  11. Browse online university libraries.
  12. The library databases of different universities are usually united on the Web. Proofread dissertations can be easily accessed through simple search by the author’s name or by the subject on the library website.

  13. Use opportunities of the online dissertation writing companies.
  14. Good proposal examples are likely to be available there for free. Even though they are not checked by your professor, these samples can be easily relied upon, because these are usually professionals who write serious doctoral projects for money.

  15. Use your favorite search engine.
  16. Type “proofread dissertation proposals” and your subject in the search box and look through the links. Some of them may direct you to helpful websites that haven’t been mentioned yet.