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Basic Aspects Of Writing An Effective APA Dissertation Outline

The secret of a dissertation with a solid structure is a good outline. You should always plan in advance what you’re going to write in each section of your paper. Otherwise, your paper won’t flow smoothly and logically. If you need to create an outline for an APA dissertation, it’s advisable to learn the components that you should include in it.

  1. The introductory paragraph and rationale.
  2. In the first paragraphs of your paper, you should introduce your topic and explain what led you to start your research.

  3. The main research question.
  4. You should present your main research question and explain all the terms in it so that the reader understands it clearly.

  5. The review of the literature.
  6. List the key researchers and thinkers in your field, write about their main works, and explain the general theoretical idea of your study.

  7. Research methods.
  8. Describe the methods that you used during your research. Write about their advantages and disadvantages.

  9. The results and discussion.
  10. Present the data that you’ve discovered after conducting your tests and experiments. Analyze, interpret, and discuss your findings.

  11. Conclusions and suggestions.
  12. Summarize the information that you’ve given in your dissertation and state the importance of your contribution to the development of the topic. Suggest a few directions to continue your work.

  13. Appendices.
  14. Here, you should include different additional materials that would interrupt the flow of your text if they were placed in the middle of it.

  15. The bibliography.
  16. In this section, you should list the materials that you used during your work.

This is a basic template for an effective dissertation outline. Keep in mind that to maximize the effectiveness of your planning you may create additional outlines for each main sections of your paper after you’ve completed your general outline.

Remember that you may need to make amendments in your outline during the writing process. Don’t be afraid to change something if this will positively affect your dissertation.

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