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Getting Free Dissertations On Finance: A Few Places To Check

If you are a novice researcher only just setting out to explore the world of finance, it is understandable if you feel a little out of your depth. Of late, finance has become one of the most fluctuating and sought after fields, due to the recession and the changes in the world economy. With these developments came a huge inflow of interesting topics, all poked and prodded at until results were obtained. The pressure, therefore, is understandable. But worry not, because here are a few places to check while getting free dissertations on finance:

Getting free dissertations on finance:

  1. Choose what financial sector you want to explore: Do you want to look at microfinance or changes in the European retailing structure and market? Maybe you are interested in commercial banking or emerging economies such as India and Brazil. The key to getting good dissertation topics and papers is to know what you are looking for. If you can sort that out, you are golden on the search front.
  2. University and College Websites: The most basic and accessible way to obtain research papers is to ransack university and college websites. Every year, most of them update their databases to feature the works of students who have graduated. Just log on to the Business Department section and look for archives, and you may find some valuable research to go on.
  3. Finance Journals: These are one of the best places to look where finding a good dissertation on finance is concerned. You can go for a printed copy, or if you are short on budget, a soft one downloadable from the internet. You may also find past issues on topics of your interest.
  4. Company/Corporate Websites: These may not publish entire research papers but may become a valuable source for obtaining statistics and figures for study. Every year, a corporation publishes an annual report either on the internet or in the papers, which lists the profits and losses of the company throughout the year. You may find some good insight here.
  5. Corporate In-House Journals: These are journals published by companies and corporations to be circulated among their staff, employees, investors, partners, critics and so on. Sometimes, they feature original research conducted by pioneers of their industry or their own employees. In-house journals may be difficult to obtain, but may be valuable to your research, since they always feature the latest topics and updates.