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A Quick Way To Come Up With An Excellent Title For A Dissertation

Your dissertation project is likely the most difficult but most rewarding writing assignment you will ever take on. For many it marks the end of a life in academia, and for others it marks the beginning a professional career within a specific field. After several months of hard work which includes researching content, writing several drafts and putting in the final touches, you’ve reached a point where you need to come up with an excellent title that is interesting and compelling – a title that makes another person want to pick up your work and start reading. Here’s a quick way to come up with a great title:

Summarize your argument:

The most effective way for coming up with title ideas is to summarize the major components of your argument. Go through each section of your work and write out phrases that speak directly to what those sections are about. Take these phrases and combine them into a short paragraph then work to further summarize this into a short title that says exactly what your dissertation is about.

Write two or three drafts:

At this point in your academic career you should be full aware that writing is a process. You should write multiple versions of a work as you go through a draft, revision, edit and proofread. The same is true about coming up with a good title. You’re not going to get it right the first time, so don’t stress out about writing the perfect start the first time around.

Remember what a title does:

One of the biggest reasons students struggle to write a title is because they forget the simple reason for writing a title in the first place: it tells the reader exactly what your dissertation is all about. It’s important then that you don’t come up with anything that might be considered misleading or vague. Be direct in your approach and don’t confuse the reader with poor word choices.

Have a friend review the title:

The last step is the easiest and might offer you the most important critical feedback: ask a friend or classmate to review it and offer an opinion. You’ve likely already asked someone to read your work (at least this is preferable), so why not ask the same person to review the title? This person should already be familiar with the content and can tell you whether or not your title is misleading o spot-on.