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Creating An Excellent Dissertation: APA Writing Guidelines

You are worried because your teacher has asked you to write a thesis paper. You must follow your teacher’s instructions, in order to create an outstanding dissertation. APA and MLA formats are usually preferred in universities. APA format is preferred for social sciences and education related dissertations. It stands for American Psychological Association. As the name tells that it is official writing style of American Psychological Association. Another amazing fact about this format is that, it is updated after every 10 years.

Below are some useful APA writing guidelines for creating an excellent dissertation

Guidelines for APA format

  1. This is a simple and basic setup for your page. Only the left side margin needs to be set as 1.5 inches. The rest of the margins (top, bottom and right) should be of 1 inch.

  2. One should leave double space when composing sentences.

  3. The font or style should be Times New Roman and the size of the font should be 12.

  4. All of the justification should be placed on the left side.

  5. One and a half inch space should be left while starting a new paragraph.

  6. The top right corner is specified for the page numbers. The page numbers are written in the header.

  7. All of the pages should be numbered except the title pages. Even the references and appendices are also numbered

  8. One should use a single space after outing the punctuation like comma or colons.

  9. One should write in numbers rather than writing in digits whenever you are going to start a sentence with a number for example, if you want to write 15 people out of 25 liked the strategy. You should write it in a way, Fifteen people out of twenty five liked the strategy.

  10. Whereas, all numbers more than 10 are written in digits or numerals. For example, 16 people moved to the new house.

  11. The title length should not exceed than 12 words

  12. The title is going to be the summary of your entire document, so it needs to be vast

  13. Coming to the headings in APA format. There are not more than 5 headings that include headings, subheadings and after that sub-subheadings

  14. Process of citation is not very tricky, it demands you to cite the reference whenever you copy an author’s words

  15. Statistical analysis are much preferred

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