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An Ultimate Manual For Creating A Dissertation Bibliography

After you are done working on your dissertation, it is very important that you make a list of the sources utilized through the process of writing the academic paper. This is where the bibliography comes in. It is the last or couple of last pages of your academic paper. In order for you not to miss out any sources, you should keep track or record of every resource or book used during your researches. This way, the chances of plagiarized content being found within your project is greatly reduced.

If for example, your academic paper is being formatted in the APA style, there are certain basics you should follow for your paper to be approved by the committee. Here is a guide you should follow in creating a dissertation bibliography:

  1. Begin On A New Page: Your academic paper’s bibliography or references should begin on a new page, with the title centred on the page and in bold too.

  2. Make Sure To Alphabetize: The alphabetization should be done using the authors’ last names, without taking spaces and other punctuations into consideration. In a situation where the author’s name is not known, the alphabetization should be done using the author’s title. In doing this, you should ignore any The, An, or A that comes before the title.

  3. Use Of Italics: Generally, it is advised that publication names should be italicized however, it is different strokes for different instructors. For this reason, you should consult with your instructor or supervisor to know what is obtainable, italics or underline? With the approval, you can then do the needful.

  4. Indentation: With the APA style format, the use of hanging indents is encouraged. This means that while the first line of each of your bibliography’s entry is flush, the subsequent lines have to be indented at ½ inch.

  5. Capitalization: When typing out the title of books or other publications used during your research, you should maintain sentence-style capitalization. This means that only the first word of the book’s title should be in initial capital.

  6. Abbreviation: In a situation where there are more than one author of any of the publications used in writing your dissertation, you should put an ampersand before typing the last author’s name. Where there are six or more authors, only the name of the first author should be written and et al written to represent the rest of the authors.

These are just a few of the guidelines that would help you to properly format your academic paper’s bibliography.