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Getting Appropriate Examples Of Dissertation Abstracts On The Internet

When you are doing your dissertation in your final year of study in university, you should be rather worried about your grade, right? Well, don’t worry, I’m sure that applies to everyone and that’s because you can surely do well if you can get some help on the Internet. The question that many people have asked is: how do you find appropriate examples? How can you tell the difference between a good abstract and a poor abstract? Here are a few tips for you:

Abstracts written by Professionals

The first thing that you should be looking for in the abstract examples is that professionals in the field must be the authors. That’s not even negotiable. You never know what the other people (random people on the Internet) are saying or what they mean. That’s why you need to look at what the professionals have written. These abstracts (part of their articles) are always peer-reviewed and you know they are trustworthy. That’s the first step. If you can’t find any peer-reviewed abstracts, then you shouldn’t use them as an example for your own dissertation.

Only go on trustworthy websites

Academic integrity is extremely important and valued in most Western universities. That’s why you should avoid any dodgy websites and certainly not use their abstracts. For your dissertation, you must be able to reference back to the original source properly and going on trustworthy websites allow you to do that. Obviously these websites have plenty of journal articles published and you can certainly use the abstracts available there. Read through them, understand them and you should be able to apply it to your own dissertation, but obviously try to avoid copying it word by word, as the plagiarism software can detect it. It’s trouble you want to avoid for sure!

Ask your lecturers for help

Your lecturers will certainly know some academic websites that only certain people can access. You might want to ask them for help and see if they grant you access. These websites have a good archive of different examples of abstracts and you are more than welcome to read through all these documents. It might be a bit time consuming, but then if you can achieve a good grade for your dissertation then it is worth it. However, not all lecturers are willing to do that, so good luck to you!