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Looking For An Example Of A Dissertation Title Page

Are you trying to find a dissertation title page, but are having no luck thus far? By taking a look at various examples you can increase your chances of coming up with a title page that’s going to land you the top marks. You’ll also find that completing the title page is not as difficult as you might think. With that thought in mind, here are some of the best places to find an example of a dissertation title page:

University Websites

There are many university websites where you’ll find access to free resources, and if you look hard enough there will be a variety of projects that you can take a look - within these you’ll find the title pages.

The added advantage of using university websites for this task is the possibility of coming across a page that shows you exactly how to complete a title page, and it will go through each element explain why it needs to be present and how to enter it. This will give you great understanding regarding how to complete a title page without making any errors.

The disadvantage of using university websites is that some of them block access to the general public, and only allow access for their students. However, there are so many universities out there that you should find one that does not block access.

Online Directories

You’ll find that there are directories out there which store dissertations in their thousands. This gives you an opportunity to look through more title pages than you will ever need. You can find online directories by using the search engines. Some of them will require you to pay a fee for access, but likewise there are plenty that are free of charge. It’s just a matter of looking through them all.


There are forums on almost any topic out there. While you can hardly expect a forum dedicated to title pages, you should find one on how to complete projects. Such a forum might have a subsection dedicated to title pages, and within that section you could find plenty of examples to look through. The forums just like the online directories can be found via the search engines.