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20 Original Ideas For Writing A Naval Postgraduate Thesis

Writing a naval postgraduate thesis is considered as a substantial piece wherein its main objective is strengthening and deepening one’s mastery of his/her area of concentration. Due to this, it must be extensively linked to the regional or topical sub-specialty where you will obtain your degree.

There are some great ideas in composing a kind of project that can be considered one of the most valuable projects that not only concerns your career but also your whole life. Some of these are the following:

  1. Enroll in SO4450 (Analytical Methods) during your second quarter. Here, you will develop a general topic or idea for your written dissertation.
  2. Enroll in DA4470 during you third quarter (Designing Operationally Oriented Research Studies).
  3. Set up a literature survey so to identify what have been composed on your general idea or topic. Figure out if there is enough available data on this topic and whether or not this idea has been covered exhaustively by others.
  4. Choose a second reader or thesis advisor for your paper. These are the right people who can help you successfully work on the project, they are the ones who will provide you advice with regards to completing an excellent apper.
  5. Hinged on the preliminary literature survey, be certain to limit your general topic to research questions which can be answered completely during your remaining studies at Naval Postgraduate School.
  6. t matters to restate your research questions in a hypothesis form.
  7. Identify the suitable research methods to carry on in examining your hypothesis and in answering the main research question.
  8. Create a tentative bibliography for your work.
  9. Complete your proposal template, hand it in to your advisors and expect that several iterations will be required prior it is signed.
  10. Undertake the required research, readings, interviews and travel for your work.
  11. It is critical to discuss any changes to your paper to your second reader or advisor.
  12. In composing your piece, be sure to give yourself more than enough time to work on a very substantial project.
  13. It is advisable to hand in a revised draft to both your advisors not later 6 months prior the graduation. In the same way, give your advisors 2 weeks to get back to you on your revised draft.
  14. Take into consideration that your piece will surely go through several drafts. But, you must hand in each draft as your best possible work.
  15. Do not forget to secure the signatures and approval of your second reader and advisor.
  16. Moreover, it is also vital to secure the signatures of the SOF Chair and Department Chair.
  17. Hand in your work in the NPS Thesis office with proper format and afterwards also secure the final format approval.
  18. Then, in the NPS Thesis office, you may hand in the formatted and approved work in a .pdf file.
  19. It is high time to acquire your green card which indicates the completion of your work.
  20. Step forward and be sure to do more great things for yourself and your country.